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a delicious surprise

You're a guest at a fabulous party. You make your entrance, do that French kissy, kissy thing on a few cheeks, and chart a course for a drink. Along the way you contemplate what you want. A beer? No, no, too heavy. Wine? Maybe, but... Then you see them, like the mirage of an oasis. Pulp Specialty Cocktails. Here? Now? Why not! You order your favorite: Breakout Mango, Pineapple and a splash of Rum. As you watch the fruit, ice and liquor swirl into a tasty treat, you realize that this is exactly what you want. A friendly voice says, "enjoy." Your smile says, "I will."

the perfect choice

The team has been working on a new product for the last 6 months, tension and anxiety rule; and your boss wants you to throw a party to help improve morale. You have all the usual suspects to choose from: Coffee cart? Nah, we don't need coffee right now... Full bar service... maybe, but that is intense. Pulp Catering...the smoothie guys! That's it, fresh all natural smoothies, with no added sugar or dairy. Your team loves it, nerves soothed, morale lifted, boss is happy... mission accomplished.

unbridled refreshment

Just imagine... you're at your wedding and everyone is there. Rings slide on. Mom - crying. Dad - crying. Best friends, all crying. Not a dry eye in the house. You are nervous, excited, thrilled so is he. And you're both exhausted. For the last 12 months this is all you've been thinking about. And as you walk into your reception you want supreme refreshment. Not a coke, or a water. What about a smoothie? All fruit, icy cold and delish? Wait a minute... but at my wedding? I mean, I drink them all the time, they're my favorite. I'm sure my guests would love it, too. And I can have it with or without liquor? Gosh. That sounds like fun. Ohhh, look at the cute smoothie cart Pulp Catering... huh. Let's have a taste... OMG!!! These are incredible. What a cool menu and a cool concept. I want Pulp Catering at my wedding right now!

Refreshed bride, delighted guests... does it get any better?